August 19, 2010

From Stone Age to iPad

Look at this picture. I'm the one using a notebook and a pen. The girl sitting next to me used a laptop and the lady next to her was using an iPad ... I'm still in the stone age.

August 17, 2010

Union Square Outside of My Hotel Room

Took this snapshot before I went out for dinner in the Burger Bar in Macy's. The building in the picture ...

My In-Room Breaskfast

Woke up pretty late this morning. Went upstairs to the lounge for breakfast but again it was full of people. So I just grabbed a tray and brought something simple back to my room to enjoy ... 邊食邊做, 哈哈!

July 18, 2010

New Social Behaviour ... Like!?

In the past year, suddenly we're so used to the new behaviour - LIKE. When we see something we don't like or we don't agree, we'll say UNLIKE ... thanks to the Facebook people who coined these.

The world is so dynamic now. If we don't follow (again, FOLLOW is another new online social behaviour) the Internet and the online social media closely, we'll become ET very soon ... now I see how stickiness is realized in the online arena.

Note: Yes you may notice that I've added the Facebook LIKE widget right below each blog post. Try it out ...

July 17, 2010

Agricultural Bank of China

When I saw this from Google Finance this afternoon, I almost fainted 'cos it said the stock price of the newly listed Agricultural Bank of China was at $0.6 while its IPO price is $3.2!!!

What's wrong with Google Finance!?

July 11, 2010

Dawn @ Home

After watching the exciting match between Germany and Uruguay in Tsim Sha Tsui with my friend and my brother, I drove home alone ... I am quite tired and wanted to jump onto my bed right away but I didn't ... I was attracted by the beautiful scene outside the balcony ... this is the first time I really spent time to appreciate how beautiful it is ... the dawn scene is unbeatable!

July 03, 2010

Heartbreaking for Ghana ...

I can't say that Luis Suarez of the Uruguay team is bad for blocking off Ghana's header. He's got his well-deserved red card. It was really the crossbar who sent Ghana home. I didn't watch the match but I reviewed many clips and media reports online. Pity Ghana who played quite well ... heartbreaking for Ghana and African fans ...

What is happening to the iPhone 4?

Apple has just launched their most successful product in their history but successful product doesn't necessarily mean successful product launch. We all have heard about the reception issue of the new iPhone 4 reported by various media. I myself is also a bit worried 'cos I'm definitely going to get one for myself as soon as it's available in Hong Kong. I'm worried if that issue is really a hardware problem 'cos if so, that can't be fixed easily even if Apple releases whatever upgrade of their new iOS. But funny enough, I've already convinced myself to go for it no matter what!

Apple releases a statement to all iPhone 4 users explaining what is happening. They found that the hardware is actually ok. It's just that their formula to calculate signal strength is wrong. Is it really so? Anyway, I don't care.

June 28, 2010

Man of the Match - Frank Lampard

I'm a good fans of the German team. I like the perseverance demonstrated by Miroslav Klose in the Germany - England match last night.

However, Frank Lampard earned my respect. He is the Man of the Match!

June 27, 2010

Buy Mini Copper Online

I used to think that no one will sell expensive items online. But recently Mini opens up their online store in Hong Kong in which people can choose a Mini Cooper and pay a deposit of HKD5,000 via Paypal, Mini's salesperson will then take care of the rest ... this is an interesting brick and mortar model ... a good gimmick to drive both awareness and sales ... interesting!